Summer School


We are full, no more students will be accepted. These are our first-class mentors this year:

* Una-May O'Reilly * Jürgen Branke * Mike Preuss * Anne Auger * Thomas Stützle * Carola Doerr * Carlos Coello * John McCall * Justyna Petke * Manuel López-Ibáñez *


..we will post news here in this page: stay tuned! (last updated on May 31st)


For GECCO students

We have grants to ease your participation!

Held along with ACM GECCO 2017 Conference

July 14-20-21 (plus activities in July 15-19) BERLIN

Only 30 positions are available for students: tell us on your participation during the registration process of GECCO

Call for Participation

SIGEVO is a special interest group of ACM always looking for new ways to improve the research and learning on genetic and evolutionary computation.

In this quest for disseminating the knowledge and making activities in this domain we will organize, for the first time, a Summer School around GECCO 2017 in Berlin: S3 (Sigevo Summer School).

We seek for PhD students to participate in this great event, offering:

  1. One day before GECCO (July 14th), with lectures and interactions to world class researchers in this domain.
  2. Two days after GECCO (July 20th and 21st) of discussions, presentations, and joint works.
  3. Oriented interactions and learning in tutorials and sessions of GECCO.
  4. Great networking opportunities and up to 6 awards to recognize outstanding performance.

The many appealing activities during S3 will include:

  • A first day (get together) where students will meet each other, form groups, and listen to short lessons. An assignment will be done to students and links for a close interaction to mentors will be created for the whole school and conference duration.

  • Questions, competitions, and awards (economic plus diploma prizes) will be offered to the students who perform the best, granted at the end of the summer school. We have up to 6 awards in different categories: come and participate!

  • Opportunities to attend a big number of high quality GECCO tutorials plus continuous interaction to the summer school staff and the school mentors, what will raise the abilities and vision of students: don't miss this.

  • The first day after GECCO, students will discuss with their mentors, so as to finish their assignments. Also, the staff in S3 will evaluate during this day the solution to the questions made the first day. Then, the last day of the school, the results and winners will be announced.

  • The last day of the summer school (two days after GECCO) students will present their assignments to the whole board of mentors. Enjoy this boosting to your knowledge, your PhD thesis, and your networking to this community!


  • Attend *ALL* the 1+2 days of S3, plus attending some tutorials and sessions of GECCO 2017.

  • Have a valid registration to GECCO itself, plus a small fee of 100 euros to participate in the school.

  • Fulfill an assignment, participate in the school challenges, and follow the standards of proper social and research behavior.

Students of the S3 will be eligible for travel, register and lodging grants of GECCO.

Any comments or questions on the school organization, please contact Prof. Enrique Alba ( eat ( at ) ).


Prof. Enrique Alba
University of Malaga