Hot off the Press

The Hot-Off-the-Press track offers authors of recent papers the opportunity to present their work to the GECCO community, both by giving a talk on one of the three main days of the conference and by having a 2-page abstract appear in the proceedings companion, in which also the workshop papers, late-breaking abstracts, and tutorials appear. For more information see the Call for Hot off the Press.

Accepted Papers

Downscaling Near-Surface Atmospheric Fields With Multi-Objective Genetic ProgrammingTanja Zerenner (Meteorological Institute University of Bonn), Victor Venema (Meteorological Institute University of Bonn), Petra Friederichs (Meteorological Institute University of Bonn), Clemens Simmer (Meteorological Institute University of Bonn)
Evolutionary algorithm with a directional local search for multiobjective optimization in combinatorial problemsKrzysztof Michalak (Wroclaw University of Economics)
On Constructing Ensembles for Combinatorial OptimisationEmma Hart (Edinburgh Napier University), Kevin Sim (Edinburgh Napier University)
Multilayer Optimization of Heterogeneous Networks Using Grammatical Genetic ProgrammingMichael Fenton (University College Dublin), David Lynch (University College Dublin), Stepan Kucera (Bell Labs Nokia), Holger Claussen (Bell Labs Nokia), Michael O'Neill (University College Dublin)
The Unrestricted Black-Box Complexity of Jump FunctionsMaxim Buzdalov (ITMO University), Benjamin Doerr (Ecole Polytechnique), Mikhail Kever (ITMO University)
Effective Visualisation of the High-Dimensional Pareto-Optimal SolutionsMaizura Mokhtar (Edinburgh Napier University), Ian Hunt (Edinburgh Napier University), Stephen Burns (Scotland's Rural College (SRUC)), Dave Ross (Scotland's Rural College (SRUC))
Trading Between Quality and Non-functional Properties of Median Filter in Embedded SystemsZdenek Vasicek (Brno University of Technology), Vojtech Mrazek (Brno University of Technology)
Design of Power-Efficient Approximate Multipliers for Approximate Artificial Neural NetworksVojtech Mrazek (Brno University of Technology), Syed Shakib Sarwar (Purdue Univesity), Lukas Sekanina (Brno University of Technology), Zdenek Vasicek (Brno University of Technology), Kaushik Roy (Purdue Univesity)
Evolutionary Multi-Path Routing for Network Lifetime and Robustness in Wireless Sensor NetworksAlma A. M. Rahat (University of Exeter), Richard M. Everson (University of Exeter), Jonathan E. Fieldsend (University of Exeter)
A Genetic Algorithm for Learning Parameters in Bayesian Networks using Expectation MaximizationPriya Krishnan Sundararajan (Carnegie Mellon University), Ole Jakob Mengshoel (Carnegie Mellon University)
Bridging Test-Based Co-optimization and Supervised Learning through the Lens of Free LunchElena Popovici (Icosystem Corp.)
Interval Type-2 Mutual Subsethood Fuzzy Neural Inference System (IT2MSFuNIS)Sumati Vuppuluri (Dayalbagh Educational Institute), Patvardhan Chellapilla (Dayalbagh Educational Institute)